Service Status

We’ll do our best to keep you informed of any planned or unexpected outages with our FM and Internet radio services.

If you find that you can’t pick up Argyll FM somewhere that you normally can hear us, then we’d appreciate it if you could let us know by email at

Remember that if you can’t pick up our FM signal, you can still listen online whenever you have an Internet connection.


106.5 FM

Our hometown FM transmitter broadcasts from a mast sitting on Baraskomil, a hill overlooking Campbeltown Loch. This transmitter serves Campbeltown, central, southern and eastern Kintyre, as well as Arran, Northern Ireland and South Ayrshire.


107.1 FM

The Ballygroggan transmission site is located on a forest hilltop high above the coastal village of Machrihanish. This transmitter covers the west of Kintyre and reaches Gigha, Islay, Jura and our listeners on the Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland.

South Knapdale

107.7 FM

By far our furthest-reaching transmitter is at the mountain summit of Meall Mor in Knapdale, so high up it has a huge range. It serves the north of Kintyre, large parts of mainland Argyll and reaches out to many of the Southern & Inner Hebrides and Lorn islands, Arran, Bute, and across much of Ayrshire.

There are currently no planned outages or known faults with our 106.5 FM transmitter.

We are aware of a fault with our 107.1 FM transmitter that we are working on fixing as soon as possible, please bear with us!

There are currently no planned outages or known faults with our 107.7 FM transmitter.

Internet Streams

We currently run three high-quality live digital audio streams over the Internet: a 320k MP3 stream, a 256k AAC stream and a 56k AAC stream. Listen via our website, via your favourite Internet radio directory or app, or with your smart speaker!

There are currently no planned outages or known faults with our online services.

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