Event category: Local Programmes

Shows that are made in or broadcast live from our studios in Campbeltown!

Sounds of the 60s

A throwback to the 1960s with Mike McGeachy. Listen to Mike’s past shows on Mixcloud.

The Farming Programme

Presented by John Armour and John Galbraith live on Thursdays and repeated on Mondays. Check out their Facebook page for the show here.

The Tea Time Show

Presented by Alistair Gorman on Mondays and Wednesdays, by Mike McGeachy on Tuesdays, by John Armour on Thursdays and by Trevox on Fridays. Take a look at Trevox’s past shows and track listings here. Listen to Alistair’s past shows here, or Mike’s here, on Mixcloud.

Folk At Five

Your evening dose of folk with Trevox. Take a look at his past shows and track listings here!