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Become a member of the Argyll FM family today! Our cherished members are the lifeblood of independent local radio and not-for-profit, community broadcasting. With your support as a member of Argyll FM, you'll help to keep us on the air and to prevent us from becoming dependent on the big media businesses that dominate the radio sector across the UK and much of the world today. You'll help us keep unique, local and regional voices broadcasting instead of nationally syndicated, generic shows and bland programmes with no local focus. You'll also be helping us offset the ever-increasing technical and regulatory costs of providing both FM and Internet radio services, in an environment that favours big business at the expense of small non-profits and charities like ourselves. As a member of Argyll FM, you'll receive:
  • Access to a behind-the-scenes blog from the team at Argyll FM
  • An invitation to an annual social event for all of our members
  • A studio tour on arrangement when you can meet some of the team
  • A shout-out of your name on-air after you sign up to say thank you
  • A pack of basic merchandise on joining (e.g. branded stickers, stationary, apparel, etc.)
  • A digital membership card and/or certificate (renewed with each annual subscription payment)
As our membership grows, we will do everything we can to bring you a better range of benefits, to say a big thank-you for being part of our Argyll FM family.

The price for subscription is £55.00 per Year.

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